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We are a Carita Spa based in Paris. Carita brand specialist, we can offer the best prices on all Carita products delivered straight from the carita laboratory; we garantee minimum storage in order to get the best products fresh from the laboratory. You can reach via chat, email, or phone for any advice on the products.
Carefully targeted rituals.
Efficient formulas that provide everything the skin needs.


“The most transforming creams and lotions known to womankind”, is ‘You’ magazine’s verdict on Carita.

A unique combination of aqua fix complex, aqua move complex and water from nutrient-rich tropical lagoons makes Carita a hydrating treat for your skin. For the first time in cosmetics the essential minerals and trace elements that make lagoon water so special are harnessed to deliver a product that super hydrates your skin, plumping and firming to limit the signs of ageing. Carita will leave your skin revitalised and illuminated.

Carita is special in that it works to prevent the signs of ageing rather than simply treating them. So whichever stage of the ageing process your skin is at, and whatever your skin type, you will find a Carita skin product to suit.


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Continuous Moisturisation and radiance
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70.50 EUR
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