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Carita, Protecting Sun Cream for Face SPF50

Carita, Protecting Sun Cream for Face SPF50


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Carita, Anti-Aging Sun, Protecting Sun Cream for Face SPF 50 - NEW
Quadruple protection to enjoy the sun safely!

Light and comfortable, the Creme Solaire Visage Anti-Rides - Fermete SPF 50 ( Sun Cream for Face SPF 50) is a complete anti-ageing care specifically formulated to help rebalance exposed mature skin.

The Cream combines powerful photoreparative ingredients and firming ingredients, this exceptional skin care product helps maintain and promote the firmness and tone of the skin, thus limiting skin slackening and the appearance of wrinkles. Protected and hydrated, the skin is soft and supple. This rich cream with a slight apricot tint gives a healthy complexion when applied.

*contains chaulmoogra oil - Carita patent.

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